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Live Big Girl (co-written) 2017 

Jewtina Journals 2016

Pens Pads and Poets Anthology 2015

The Journals and Journeys... 2012

Poems, Prose and Phases 2010




Pens, Pads and Poets

Live Big Girl Writing Workshop

American Sign Language

Elements of Hip Hop



Sophisticated Spheres

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Victor Cruz's Cell Block Tango 2018

Live Big Girl 2017

Full Circle's Speaking Your Truth 2016

Full Circle's Misconceptions 2015

Full Circle's Page to the Stage: 2015


Poetry Judge

Urban Word 2018 - 2019

Hostos Community College 2016 - 2019

Children's Aid Society 2013 - 2015


Talent Mentor

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Music Collabs

Machete Movement's Fusion Theory

 "We Come From" -2018

El David's Pages From My Rhyme Book

"Open Your Mind"​ -2017

Tribes Magazine's All Female Mix Tape

"Pressing Play" ​-2012

Krista Hill- Winner of the DYCD 

My Voice Poetry Competition -2015

Four Kings w/DMC- Winners of

Radio City's Garden of Dreams -2015

Naiyma Bettis- Winner of the Radio City's Garden of Dreams -2014



Far Too Fat Zine 2021

Epopeya Magazine 2019

Las Tres Hermana's Tribute 2017

Hostos' Caiman Magazine Fall 2017 

Caiman Magazine, V2, N5 Fall 2017 

Poetica Magazine Spring 2014

Poetica Magazine Fall 2014

Tribes Magazine Spring 2012



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What They Leave Behind 2021

La Pluma Y La Tinta Anthology 2016

The Abuela Stories Project Anthology 2016

Full Circle Ensemble 2015

BX Files  2015

Full Circle Ensemble's No Apologies 2014

La Pluma y La Tinta's New Voices 2014

City College's Jazz Poetry Anthology 2006

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Click to read interviews 2020

Jewtina Voices Project 2020 2018

Big Girl Show 2018

The Sixto Ramos Show 2018

Queens Public Television 2018

Writing Across the Curriculum 2017

Bronxnet's Open 2017

The Fenn Den Podcast 2017

Bronxnet Television 2017

The J Spot- WHCR 90.FM 2017

Theresa Varela 2013

BronxNet Community Television, Our Instr

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Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts

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La Pluma y La Tinta's 5th year Anniversity