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Photo from the Virtual B.A.R.S One on One in August  2020 Workshop with guest speaker Mala Fama

Youth writers and poets received a free journal from poet and mentor, Tamara G. Saliva in 2015. 

NAPOMO 4-3-21 group Writing Workshop



Pens, Pads and Poets

Pens, Pads a Poets was founded in 2010 as a workshop series, mentoring program and teen open mic for youth ages 12-18. An anthology was created in 2015 which is available on itunes and Pens Pads and Poets has now gone virtual and is open to ages 14 and up.

One on One (Individual)poetry workshops are available for the

month of August 2020.



Write Now:

Beginner Writers

NEW: One on One or small group virtual writing workshop for new writers on Zoom. Get tips, build confidence and starting writing. You have a story to tell!

The imposter syndrome, poof be gone! 

August 2020 only  

Hip Hop



B.A.R.S. stands for Believe, Achieve, Receive Succeed. This workshop is for beginner MC's and lyricists looking to learn the techniques of writing a 16 bar rhyme. Students also learn about breathing techniques, stage presence and self confidence. Ages 14 and up.One on One workshops are only available at this time for the month of August 2020

Hip hop


Elements of HipHOp

In this workshop students learn the elements of MCing, Djing, Graffiti, Breakdance and Beatboxing.  Student will also learn about sampling and ciphering. Music and videos are used in this workshop. Ages 14 and up.

Currently Unavailable



Sophisticated spheres

NEW: Sophisticated Spheres is a small intimate or one on one based workshop that is geared to gain healing, self love and self esteem through writing. Open to ages 14 and up. One on One workshops are only available at this time for the month of August 2020



Live Big GirL

The Live Big Girl Writing Workshop is based on The Live Girl poetic play about 3 women with their different and not so different experiences of living in a body that is not celebrated. There is root deep digging towards self- awareness, Self- acceptance, and self-love. Co-facilitated with: Vanessa Chica and Rebeca Lois Lucret

Currently Unavailable




In this workshop students create art of many forms

and infuse it words. Mediums used painting, drawing and collage.

Currently Unavailable



American Sign Language 101

In this workshop you will learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) including the alphabet, numbers, colors and finger spelling. Students will also have an opportunity to practice their new skills with an actual member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Ages 14 and up.

Individual workshops are available by request.

Currently Unavailable