Real writers, real participants, and real stories. 

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Angie L.

"Karina's workshops were very informative & enlightening as it gave me an opportunity to see the benefits of jotting down my emotions (whether good or bad) which helped me to be more aware of them and mostly to be more descriptive in sharing those emotions with others"

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Renata B.

Karina’s workshop taps into everyone’s innate ability to communicate and express oneself in written form. You will be amazed with what flows onto paper from her prompts and discussion. As a matter of fact, Karina’s workshops have become part of my much needed self-care routine!


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Marisol "BXPoet" P.

Writing is liberating to me. I started writing in middle school, tried to figure out my style. I met Karina back in high school and she blessed me with writing workshops.

It has elevated my skills and I continue to learn under her guidance. I highly encourage and recommend her workshops.


Allison B.

If you haven’t yet, you must attend a workshop facilitated by Karina. During our workshop I was able to self reflect and share out in a safe space.  As an introvert myself, that is no easy feat. Karina has a unique ability to create an experience where you can easily participate and open up.  The perspectives I’ve gained by attending a workshop allowed me to ensure I’m taking time for self care, to reset and recharge. 

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Yadhira G-T.

A few good things have come out of this pandemic. Among them, the opportunity to work on my craft via zoom with wonderful creatives like Karina. Do the one-on-one poetry writing and coaching, do it!



The vibe of writing doesn't mean you are going to write a novel in a day but to learn that drafting helps you become more conscious and confident to communicate to the reader and oneself.

The atmosphere was very relaxed & friendly.