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Writing Wednesday Series

The #WritingWednesday series, igniting in Fall of 2022 on Instagram alongside the debut of the Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck. These videos were meticulously crafted to kindle inspiration to writers of all levels and all types. The cards are catalysts, sparking ideas and providing direction. As the series unfolded, it expanded beyond mere prompts, embracing a diverse array of writing styles and interactive games to share with the writing community.

In celebration of #NaPoMo 2024, I am excited to announce that these videos will now find their eternal home on this page, ensuring writers everywhere have perpetual access to writing inspiration, motivation and guidance, and best of all, it is completely free of charge. I do not own any rights to the music in these video. See credits for each below. Enjoy!


Poems, Prompts, and Purpose

First video created during the launch of the Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck.

Music by Stan Forebee " DayWalk"


Pocket Poem

Writing exercise based on the Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck.  Theme: Perception.

Music by Stan Forebee " NightWalk"


Sensory Prompt

Writing exercise based on the Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck.  Sesory prompt based on the scent of candle being blown out. Music by Yaahn Hunter Jr. "Feelin' Good".


Quote and Note Prompt

This prompt is based on  Pablo Picasso quote,

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

" Music by Yaahn Hunter Jr. "Lunch Time Chill-Hop".



...I breath love, and release rejection, I breath in success and release fear of failure, I had some set backs but I will try again...

Music instrumental Living Room, Rosoul, & Victor Minsky "Players Blues"


Quote and Note Prompt 2

This prompt is based on Audrey Hepburn's quote Nothing is impossible, the word

itself says 'I'm possible'. 

Music instrumental Aaliyah "Try Again"


Magnetic Poetry

Sharing another style of engaging with poetry, magnetic poetry. This is part of the Encouragement Deck. A great way to create a poem using the words in the tin can.

Music by Maile "I Got You"


Photo Prompt

Write about your relationship with the photo shown on the card: Mirror

Music by "Nightmares On Wax" Nights Interlude


Writing Dice

A poetic game that encourages writers to roll, brainstorm, and write. 

Music instrumental by Bad Bunny "Monaco"


Writer's Tool Box

This poetic game includes prompt cards, popcycle sticks, a spinner, and timer. It teaches you how to start a story, end writer's block, and have to have fun.

Music instrumental by Keni Burke "Risin' to the Top"


Poetic Collage

Learn how to create a poetic collage but cutting out words from a magazine to create a unique stanzas. Listen to my poem at the end of the video. Music by Radiohead "National Anthem" 


Paint Chip Poetry

This poetic game paint chip cards, prompt cards, 10 variation cards & instruction sheet to get you to write a colorful and unique poem.

Music instrumental by Jamiroquai "Return of the Space Cowboy"


Black Out Poetry

Learn how to take existing text from a book, magazine, or newspaper article when you can't the words to write. The words are all there for you to work with. I provide examples. Listen to my poem at the end.

Music instrumental by Mos Def "Hip Hop" 


Visual and Quote Prompt

In this video, I was inspired not only by a beautiful decal that was purchased on Shein but also a quote that supported it. A two for one deal. The challenge? Write a poem with two prompts.

Music instrumental by Mister Mister "Broken Wings" 


Magnetic Poetry Online

In this video, we are experimenting with the Magnetic Poetry Online Kit. We slide the word magnets from the right of the screen to the left to build stanzas.
Music by Kruder & Dorfmeister "High Noon"



April 17 is National Haiku Day and we celebrate by writing haikus however, in this video we create haikus with the Haikubes game kit. Roll the dice, create stanzas, and read the poem. 
Music by Maxwell "The Urban Theme"


Poem in Your Pocket Day

*Bonus Video* We are celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day by writing, sharing and reading poetry. I created a few pocket poems  are they are available in the Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck. I also share my Maya Angelou's Pocket Wisdom book in this video.


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